Best Albums Of 2015

Year In Review

Is it really 2016 already? As we transition into a time of new years resolutions (that may or may not be kept), fresh beginnings, and most importantly new music, it is time to reflect on what has turned out to be an incredible year in albums. Between a multitude of promising debuts, surprise discoveries, and bands that have kept me patiently waiting…and waiting… but turned out amazing albums more than worth the delay, there is a lot to be thankful for in 2015. I personally have faced the challenge of shortening a list of over 30 new albums that I have enjoyed to give you what I believe to be the best 10 albums of 2015. Without further ado here they are:


Twenty One Pilots Debate Ends in Matching Tattoos

Music News

When Twenty One Pilots discovered the new poll feature on Twitter they  brought fans the ultimate debate: Tyler or Josh?

This difficult question was made even more impossible when the high stakes were revealed: the winner would get to tattoo their name on the loser while on stage.

Twenty One Pilots Brings the Blurryface Tour to Toronto

Concert Review

If you are planning to see Twenty One Pilots live in concert you might be in for a few surprises. When my friends and I arrived at the Sound Academy in Toronto on September 13th, six hours before the gates opened, the first surprise was disappointing. Even with our early arrival (and 2 hour car ride to get there), the size of the line was astounding. There were four tents set up by the doors, and with at the very least a hundred people in front of us, it seemed as though every Twenty One Pilots fan was just as dedicated and passionate as the next in line.

Bands Do Covers: Songs you must hear


It’s one skill to be a songwriter, but a completely different challenge to approach someone else’s song and make it your own. The best covers are ones that use the original version as a blue print to build their own sound around. It’s always fun to hear a band you like try to tackle another artist’s work, especially if they’re creative about it! Here are some bands who I think do that perfectly:

Blurryface: more than an album

New Music

twenty one pilots for blog

Blurryface (the title to Twenty One Pilots new album) isn’t just a name, it’s a concept. Representing singer Tyler Joseph’s anxiety and inner demons, Blurryface is someone in all of us: a shadowy alter ego that embodies the struggles within you. Blurryface features on the album as a deep voice that takes over Tyler Joseph. He is an ambitious character for an ambitious album that gives the ultimate middle finger to genre.

Tear In My Heart- Twenty One Pilots

New Music

As promised, last night Twenty One Pilots released a second track from their sophomore album set to be released May 19th. It sounds nothing like the first release, Fairly Local, and reminds me more of what we’re used to from their debut album, Vessel.The tempo change, which is something I absolutely love hearing in their songs, is especially reminiscent of Ode To Sleep but still pushes the boundaries of what we’re used to hearing from Twenty One Pilots.  For everyone that was worried, of coarse the piano is back! What is still yet to be heard is the amount of lyrics and rapping that listeners are used to, but considering that this new album seems to give no consideration to genre, I’m sure we will be hearing this sooner or later.

Twenty One Pilots TIMH 2

Twenty One Pilots: Fairly Local


twenty one pilots for blog

It’s been a while since we heard from them, but Twenty One Pilots are out again with their new single “Fairly Local”, which is more than fairly good. It’s amazing and I have been listening to it constantly since it was released on the 13th of March. Twenty One Pilots have found the perfect balance between evolving their unique sound while still staying true to their past.