Jack Garratt drops debut album “Phase”

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Jack Garratt’s debut album, Phase, is once again a beautiful challenge to describe. You could call it alternative music, but all in all this masterpiece cannot be contained to one genre. Beat heavy electro blues pop that uses acoustic instruments just as readily as synths is just a sample of what he brings to these twelve tracks (or nineteen if you’re looking at the deluxe album). Of course, as always there is his majestic voice readily soaring through the complex sonic backdrop. His accessible hooks make songs that may be overly strange at first into an undeniable dance party. Even that’s not mentioning his beautiful simple tracks like the folky I Know All What I Do and the quiet closing track My House is Your Home which is a sad quiet goodbye at the end of the album.


Synesthesiac is out!

New Music

jack garratt synesthesiac

On April 13th Jack Garratt released his new ep, Synesthesiac! His two main singles, The Love You’re Given and Chemical, have been surrounded by two of his most strange and abstract songs yet to form a four track ep that is refreshing and ambitious. These songs were definitely made to be listened to together and the way they flow makes this worth a listen from beginning to end. Check out this masterpiece on Spotify or Itunes and my older post about Jack Garratt here

Know Them First: Jack Garratt


The worst part of being in love with Jack Garratt’s music is that as of now he has only put out about 6 tracks. The best part of being in love with Jack Garratt’s music is that he is a crazy talented musical genius and you’ve never heard anything like what he’s doing… modern electronic with emphasis on his beats and featuring piano, but it is honestly so much more. His vocal range and expression: subtle, sweet, sublime… sensational!