Best Albums Of 2015

Year In Review

Is it really 2016 already? As we transition into a time of new years resolutions (that may or may not be kept), fresh beginnings, and most importantly new music, it is time to reflect on what has turned out to be an incredible year in albums. Between a multitude of promising debuts, surprise discoveries, and bands that have kept me patiently waiting…and waiting… but turned out amazing albums more than worth the delay, there is a lot to be thankful for in 2015. I personally have faced the challenge of shortening a list of over 30 new albums that I have enjoyed to give you what I believe to be the best 10 albums of 2015. Without further ado here they are:


BØRNS: Dopamine is Lightning in a Bottle

New Music

From Candy to Dopamine, BØRNS continues to provide a sugar rush of music on his first full length album. If you’ve been following BØRNS, Dopamine contains six brand new songs (out of the 11 tracks), none of which fall short of the high expectations he’s already set with songs like the cleverly catchy “Electric Love” or heart stirringly gorgeous “The Emotion”, both of which feature on this brilliant debut.

BØRNS Candy EP: A Sweet Summer Soundtrack

New Music

Garrett Borns (who performs under his surname BØRNS) has found the perfect title for his debut EP: Candy. If there was a sound equivalent to candy it would be what Borns music is like. His sugary melodies are addictive and sure to be stuck in your head, leaving  you craving another taste. All the songs on this four track are impossible not to sing along to – even if you can’t hit all of his soaring high notes! On this EP electric guitar meets synths and catchyness meets substance to create pop that has an exciting edge to it.