Know Them First: Lewis Del Mar

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While Lewis Del Mar might have taken a straightforward name for their debut EP, entitled “EP”, there is nothing plain about the music it contains. A perfect combination of acoustic and heavy alternative, Lewis Del Mar is intense but not overwhelming, unique but accessible, and sparse yet complex. Their sound features an ever-present acoustic guitar which is refreshing to hear on a more powerful canvas of sound which also incorporates samples of percussion and old Latin records.


Know Them First: CHILDCARE

New Music

Childcare is nothing like the baby soothing playlists that can sometimes be suggested when looking them up: Childcare sounds about ready to start a riot. Heavy guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and the refusal to be pinned into one genre create a universal kind of sound that is bound to hook a wide audience of listeners.

BØRNS Candy EP: A Sweet Summer Soundtrack

New Music

Garrett Borns (who performs under his surname BØRNS) has found the perfect title for his debut EP: Candy. If there was a sound equivalent to candy it would be what Borns music is like. His sugary melodies are addictive and sure to be stuck in your head, leaving  you craving another taste. All the songs on this four track are impossible not to sing along to – even if you can’t hit all of his soaring high notes! On this EP electric guitar meets synths and catchyness meets substance to create pop that has an exciting edge to it.

Bleachers Update: A ‘Sort Of Documentary’ and New Music

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So far in Bleachers relatively short career they have found some memorably unique ways to connect with fans and promote their music. From a quirky mock telethon to the Bleachers hotline (which you can call at 888-920-1991), I always look forward to seeing what they will bring next. Turns out we won’t have to wait long: Bleachers have announced a six part Google Play docu-series called “Thank You and Sorry” that is set to be released on June 16th. Thank You and Sorry follows lead singer Jack Antonoff’s life on tour with Bleachers, and whatever other shenanigans go along with being Jack Antonoff!