A Great Big World: Kaliedascope Tour Comes to Toronto

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A Great Big World bring a storm every time they come to Toronto. No joke. After their show at the Mod club on March 3rd was cancelled due to the biggest snowstorm of the entire year, A Great Big World brought the storm back to the Opera House on April 4th. Thankfully, this time the storm was inside, and a lot less dangerous.


My ex- Guilty Pleasure Band: A Great Big World

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Okay I’m doing it. I’m writing about a band that up until last week was exclusively my guilty pleasure music (which I define as music that I enjoy way more than I’ll admit). It’s not as though A Great Big World isn’t wonderfully talented or unique, it’s just that their music is so relentlessly cheery that I would usually use it for especially distressing occasions: every time it’s past 12:00am and I’m still doing homework, I will only listen to a Great Big World. With song titles like “You’ll Be Okay” “Already Home” “This Is the New Year” and “Cheer Up” you can see how I’m able to use their album “Is There Anybody Out There?” to ignore the fact that I’m a horrible procrastinator that has once again self induced sleep deprivation, which is undoubtedly horrible for my health and happiness. I am a firm believer that A Great Big World’s music cancels out the effects of late night studying and can make me happy pretty much whenever.