What To Know About Bastille’s New Album ‘Wild World’

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Bastille has created their own wild world of influences on their more ambitious and heavy sophomore album, Wild World. Despite a shift, under music that ranges from rock, soul, hip hop, and dance, is still their classic Bastille sound. If you’re not familiar with Bastille’s music (which is unlikely considering their debut Bad Blood was the best selling digital album of 2013, Pompeii anyone?) think unshakable hooks, Dan Smith’s uniquely soft yet powerful vocals and, at the core of it, solid songwriting. The main discernable difference from their debut album is the inclusion of guitars which were left completely out of Bad Blood (the band says this was done “mostly by accident”). As always, Dan Smith steers away from autobiographical lyrics and chooses to focus more on stories, such as Blame, which is an imagined story about two gangsters having a fight, and Four Walls, which was inspired by Truman Capote’s novel In Cold Blood. Overall, the album is loosely based on Bastille’s reaction to the horrible things that go on in the world.

Lead singer Dan Smith’s inner film geek is evident on Wild World. Not only do these tracks contain a cinematic landscape of strings and horns but also a collection of quotes taken from various documentaries and old films. From their lead single Good Grief which begins with a clip from classic ‘80s teen movie “Weird Science”, Snakes samples of Freaks and Geeks, and The Currents clips from an American anti communist propaganda video, these film clips are scattered around Wild World and help set the tone of each song, giving the album more depth.

This isn’t the first time Bastille has sampled film, but it is the first time they have done it legally! Technically, Bastille’s very first two albums were more or less “Mix Tapes”: a collection of film quotes mixed in with covers that were made completely illegally. Unavoidably, when Bastille began to gain more popularity this led to loads of copyright lawsuits so they were forced to take the albums down. But as with anything put on the internet you can still find these first two Bastille Mixtapes around! And keep an eye out for more Mixtapes like the “Bastille VS” album released in 2014 (which featured a musical guest on each song) since another one is in the works.

If you want to get the full Bastille Wild World experience it won’t be enough to listen to the standard 14 track version. You’re going to want to listen to the 19 track “Complete Edition” which is what Bastille calls the actual album, while the shorter one is for people who might not care as much about understanding their entire vision for Wild World. With nearly 30 songs recorded for the album it’s not surprising they had a difficult time getting it down to a normal album length.

Bastille will be heading on tour in support of Wild World starting in October, check if they will be coming to a city near you here

Watch their new surrealist video for Send Them Off! below:



New Music from Kongos: Egomaniac

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Kongos have released another set of stunning songs and decided to explore another human condition in their Lunatic follow up album, Egomaniac. Although Egomaniac keeps that distinct Kongos sound, catchy rock with heavy drums influenced by African drummers of burundi, this new album is definitely an evolution. With these 13 new tracks comes  a distinctly more pronounced electronic influence and all around bigger production and larger sound. There has also been a noticeable shift in tempo and while listening to songs like Autocorrect, Take It From Me, and Repeat After Me I couldn’t help but imagine how great they would be in a live context, especially compared to their mostly slow to mid tempo songs from Lunatic.

Know Them First: Lewis Del Mar

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While Lewis Del Mar might have taken a straightforward name for their debut EP, entitled “EP”, there is nothing plain about the music it contains. A perfect combination of acoustic and heavy alternative, Lewis Del Mar is intense but not overwhelming, unique but accessible, and sparse yet complex. Their sound features an ever-present acoustic guitar which is refreshing to hear on a more powerful canvas of sound which also incorporates samples of percussion and old Latin records.

Jack Garratt drops debut album “Phase”

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Jack Garratt’s debut album, Phase, is once again a beautiful challenge to describe. You could call it alternative music, but all in all this masterpiece cannot be contained to one genre. Beat heavy electro blues pop that uses acoustic instruments just as readily as synths is just a sample of what he brings to these twelve tracks (or nineteen if you’re looking at the deluxe album). Of course, as always there is his majestic voice readily soaring through the complex sonic backdrop. His accessible hooks make songs that may be overly strange at first into an undeniable dance party. Even that’s not mentioning his beautiful simple tracks like the folky I Know All What I Do and the quiet closing track My House is Your Home which is a sad quiet goodbye at the end of the album.

BØRNS: Dopamine is Lightning in a Bottle

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From Candy to Dopamine, BØRNS continues to provide a sugar rush of music on his first full length album. If you’ve been following BØRNS, Dopamine contains six brand new songs (out of the 11 tracks), none of which fall short of the high expectations he’s already set with songs like the cleverly catchy “Electric Love” or heart stirringly gorgeous “The Emotion”, both of which feature on this brilliant debut.

10 Things to Know About Baio’s New Album “The Names”

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If you like Vampire Weekend, you should listen to their bassist Chris Baio’s new solo album, The Names. If you don’t like Vampire Weekend, you should still listen to The Names. Heck, if you just came up from that rock you’ve been living under and have no clue who Vampire Weekend are, you should still listen to Baio’s masterpiece, The Names. That’s because Baio’s first full length album isn’t just a Vampire Weekend side project: its 5 years of work, the product of which is uniquely Baio. Here are ten things to think about while listening to The Names:

BØRNS Candy EP: A Sweet Summer Soundtrack

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Garrett Borns (who performs under his surname BØRNS) has found the perfect title for his debut EP: Candy. If there was a sound equivalent to candy it would be what Borns music is like. His sugary melodies are addictive and sure to be stuck in your head, leaving  you craving another taste. All the songs on this four track are impossible not to sing along to – even if you can’t hit all of his soaring high notes! On this EP electric guitar meets synths and catchyness meets substance to create pop that has an exciting edge to it.