Surprise! Awolnation Have a New Song

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Even though Awolnation’s sophomore album Run certainly gave fans enough unique music to obsess over for a lifetime the band has decided to bless us with Wichita Panama, a B-Side that didn’t make the album. Wichita Panama is pretty typical Awolnation- which is to say, it’s not typical at all. With  prominent beats, trumpet, and instantly likable catch lines sung or melodically shouted in Aaron Bruno’s distinctive voice, Wichita Panama stays accessible but also unpredictable.

Wichita Panama is the first song released as a part of Redbull’s 20 before 16 exclusive where they will be sharing 20 new songs over 20 days to bring in the new year. You can listen to Wichita Panama on their website here!

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How Robert DeLong Reinvents Live Music

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It’s hard to find something truly unique and exciting in this world of live music, but from the moment you enter a Robert DeLong concert it’s obvious that what you’ve found is delightfully one of a kind. As soon as you see Robert DeLong’s gear set up you know you’re in for a great time. With everything from Wii remotes, game pads, and joy sticks,  to an assortment of percussion (including a full drum kit and a keyboard) it seems like too much to handle for a single person. However, for Robert DeLong there’s barely enough space on stage to contain his non-stop energy, bouncing around with the mesmerizing confidence of someone who has complete control of the situation.

Twenty One Pilots Debate Ends in Matching Tattoos

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When Twenty One Pilots discovered the new poll feature on Twitter they  brought fans the ultimate debate: Tyler or Josh?

This difficult question was made even more impossible when the high stakes were revealed: the winner would get to tattoo their name on the loser while on stage.

BØRNS: Dopamine is Lightning in a Bottle

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From Candy to Dopamine, BØRNS continues to provide a sugar rush of music on his first full length album. If you’ve been following BØRNS, Dopamine contains six brand new songs (out of the 11 tracks), none of which fall short of the high expectations he’s already set with songs like the cleverly catchy “Electric Love” or heart stirringly gorgeous “The Emotion”, both of which feature on this brilliant debut.

10 Things to Know About Baio’s New Album “The Names”

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If you like Vampire Weekend, you should listen to their bassist Chris Baio’s new solo album, The Names. If you don’t like Vampire Weekend, you should still listen to The Names. Heck, if you just came up from that rock you’ve been living under and have no clue who Vampire Weekend are, you should still listen to Baio’s masterpiece, The Names. That’s because Baio’s first full length album isn’t just a Vampire Weekend side project: its 5 years of work, the product of which is uniquely Baio. Here are ten things to think about while listening to The Names:

My ex- Guilty Pleasure Band: A Great Big World

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Okay I’m doing it. I’m writing about a band that up until last week was exclusively my guilty pleasure music (which I define as music that I enjoy way more than I’ll admit). It’s not as though A Great Big World isn’t wonderfully talented or unique, it’s just that their music is so relentlessly cheery that I would usually use it for especially distressing occasions: every time it’s past 12:00am and I’m still doing homework, I will only listen to a Great Big World. With song titles like “You’ll Be Okay” “Already Home” “This Is the New Year” and “Cheer Up” you can see how I’m able to use their album “Is There Anybody Out There?” to ignore the fact that I’m a horrible procrastinator that has once again self induced sleep deprivation, which is undoubtedly horrible for my health and happiness. I am a firm believer that A Great Big World’s music cancels out the effects of late night studying and can make me happy pretty much whenever.

Twenty One Pilots Brings the Blurryface Tour to Toronto

Concert Review

If you are planning to see Twenty One Pilots live in concert you might be in for a few surprises. When my friends and I arrived at the Sound Academy in Toronto on September 13th, six hours before the gates opened, the first surprise was disappointing. Even with our early arrival (and 2 hour car ride to get there), the size of the line was astounding. There were four tents set up by the doors, and with at the very least a hundred people in front of us, it seemed as though every Twenty One Pilots fan was just as dedicated and passionate as the next in line.