New Music from Kongos: Egomaniac

New Music

Kongos have released another set of stunning songs and decided to explore another human condition in their Lunatic follow up album, Egomaniac. Although Egomaniac keeps that distinct Kongos sound, catchy rock with heavy drums influenced by African drummers of burundi, this new album is definitely an evolution. With these 13 new tracks comes  a distinctly more pronounced electronic influence and all around bigger production and larger sound. There has also been a noticeable shift in tempo and while listening to songs like Autocorrect, Take It From Me, and Repeat After Me I couldn’t help but imagine how great they would be in a live context, especially compared to their mostly slow to mid tempo songs from Lunatic.

Egomaniac still has it’s share of quiet moments, such as 2 In The Morning (my current favourite though it keeps changing) and Where I belong, which I want to listen to while floating through outer space. Seriously, listen to Where I belong and tell me it doesn’t sound like space. This album includes a more even amount of song contributions from each of the four brothers, who dislike collaborating with each other until last stages of the recording process (because of, unsurprisingly, their egos). Between the four of them they do everything from song writing and production to Album design and most of the art, to music videos!

Egomaniac isn’t just the title of the album, but also can be seen as the theme. Since they had around 50 songs written to choose from for this album, picking the name Egomaniac helped them to narrow down which songs fit the Egomaniac theme. A lot of the songs on this album reference or talk about egomania within themselves and everyone else. From Take It From Me’s declaration that “nothing can stop me” to Look At Me’s “But you know me/I gotta see and be seen”, egomania is the thread that connects the whole album.

Egomaniac has been  a long time coming and the band has expressed their excitement and relief at putting out new music. Lunatic, Kongos sophomore album, was originally released all the way back in 2012 before taking off in America and being re-released in 2014 by Epic records. After their hit single Come With Me Now blew up the band had to spend years touring to support its success, forcing them to further delay the release of Egomaniac. In fact, many of the songs from Egomaniac were written at the same time as Lunatic or during the period where the band “gave up” on Lunatic ever being a success in America and were ready to try new material.

This new batch of Kongos hits sound like they will be better than ever live, so thankfully they will be heading on the road to support Egomaniac! Check out their tour dates here. They also have a number of different VIP packages which, from experience, is well worth the extra money and is by far the best VIP experience I have had.  If you’re thinking about going VIP, just go for it! I recommend it highly.

Want to know more about Kongos and the creation of their new album Egomaniac? Check out this great video they made explaining the album process and journey:



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