Know Them First: Lewis Del Mar

New Music

While Lewis Del Mar might have taken a straightforward name for their debut EP, entitled “EP”, there is nothing plain about the music it contains. A perfect combination of acoustic and heavy alternative, Lewis Del Mar is intense but not overwhelming, unique but accessible, and sparse yet complex. Their sound features an ever-present acoustic guitar which is refreshing to hear on a more powerful canvas of sound which also incorporates samples of percussion and old Latin records.

This Rockaway Beach based duo’s bold intro track “Loud(y)” (singing “will you please sit the f*ck down”) is safety advice that will help you from being blown off your feet while you make your way through this four track ep. Though they only began releasing music in June they are already making Wave(s) in the music world garnering offers from multiple record labels, ultimately signing with Columbia records. This is no surprise considering their first two concerts ever were sold out!

While things seem to be moving fast for Danny Miller (guitar/vocals) and Max Hardwood (drums/production) they have been developing the sound of Lewis Del Mar for two years while working as waiters. Before this they had toured for two years in an unsuccessful garage rock trio. But these two friends go back much further meeting when they were nine and making music together ever since.

Though Lewis Del Mar sounds like the name of a solo artist the name actually has family significance. “Luis” is the name of both their fathers and “Del Mar” means “from the sea” since Danny’s father is from the Caribbean. So it means “Luis from the sea”. In fact, all their single artwork is taken from photos of their parents homes in Panama and Nicaragua with red and gold stripes painted over. These coloured bands are a part of their look and can be seen on all of their Instagram and promotional photos to date.

According to Danny, “The goal is to make music that only Max and I can make and we feel like Lewis Del Mar is the closest we’ve gotten to that”. I can’t help but agree that there is no substitute for this band. Lucky for us, they are currently working on their debut album- according to the band they have enough material for a full album which should be out sometime in 2016!

Until then you can check out their tour dates here! Live the two members are joined to create a five piece band so that there are no loops or backing tracks to rely on.

Buy EP on Itunes here 


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