Jack Garratt drops debut album “Phase”

New Music

Jack Garratt’s debut album, Phase, is once again a beautiful challenge to describe. You could call it alternative music, but all in all this masterpiece cannot be contained to one genre. Beat heavy electro blues pop that uses acoustic instruments just as readily as synths is just a sample of what he brings to these twelve tracks (or nineteen if you’re looking at the deluxe album). Of course, as always there is his majestic voice readily soaring through the complex sonic backdrop. His accessible hooks make songs that may be overly strange at first into an undeniable dance party. Even that’s not mentioning his beautiful simple tracks like the folky I Know All What I Do and the quiet closing track My House is Your Home which is a sad quiet goodbye at the end of the album.

If you have enjoyed any of Jack Garratt’s previous tracks there is no way Phase will disappoint. And if you haven’t heard of him before you’ll have to catch up quick to keep ahead of the mainstream. After winning the Critics Choice prize at the Brit Awards only more success can come for him. Other winners of the Critics Choice award include Adele, James Bay, Sam Smith, and Emeli Sande, who are all very accomplished musicians. In any case, this album is a more than solid debut to his career and I am already excited to hear how his sound evolves considering such a compelling starting point for him.

On stage is where Jack Garratt really shows off his talent. His intense solo show (where he impressively plays every instrument himself) is not something you’ll want to miss- check out his tour dates here

Last week Jack Garratt performed Worry on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert- watch it below:

If you want to read more about my love for Jack Garratt check out my first blog about him here or my review of his Synesthesiac EP here

Buy Phase on Itunes here


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