Matt Corby: Concert Review and Questions Answered

Concert Review

mr matt

After four years of having Matt Corby at the top of my bands to see list, I knew it was going to be difficult to have my expectations reached. That being said, when I saw Matt Corby on January 29th, my hopes were not only met but absolutely shattered by his mind blowing performance. When Matt walked on stage at the Pheonix Concert Theatre he was met by a deafening roar of adoring fans who had been waiting years to catch what was his first ever Canadian show.  Instead of going straight into song, he silenced the sold out crowd, thanking us for coming and saying apologetically that he would be playing some new songs tonight (as though we didn’t come hoping to catch a preview of his long awaited debut album, Telluric!)

That said, he snapped his fingers and began looping his vocals to create a stunning version of his new song Monday. While Matt Corby already had one of my favourite voices before the concert, it was brought to a whole new level live. Both powerful and raw as well as sensitive and sweet, Matt Corby demonstrated not only an unbelievable level of control and technical skill, but an emotion and depth to his performance that could surpass any level of training. His passionate voice as well as his emotive gestures helped captivate listeners in something that felt honest and intimate despite the large crowd.

After that he was joined by a bassist, guitarist, drummer, and two keyboardists. The one keyboardist (Bree Tranter, who sings on Matt’s song Big Eyes) also played the flute in a number of songs, which was especially cool to see as a flute player myself (hey, flutes can rock too!).  One of the shows highlights was when Matt himself picked up the flute for a solo during Empires. He also showed off some impressive guitar skills, so it’s not surprising that he has played every single instrument on his new album himself. As promised, the set was largely made up of new material from Telluric. I expect what we have heard released so far is a good idea of what is to come. Other than that, we got to hear a lot of old favourites including Brother and Resolution which got the whole crowd singing along.

matt corby setlist

I was lucky enough to get the setlist!

The set came to an end with a new track called Empires, a soft slower track. The only disappointment was when Matt said that it was going to be his last song, leaving a crowd that is used to being lied to about “last songs” unprepared for the fact that it was actually his very final moment on stage. Nonetheless, the persistent crowd cheered for an encore until well after the crew had begun removing the equipment.

Which doesn’t mean that extra patient fans (including myself) didn’t get to see more of Matt Corby! After the concert he came out and graciously met with a small group of fans who wanted to speak with him and get photos. He apologized for making everyone wait and took as much time to speak with each and every person as they needed. He was kind, attentive, down to earth, and patient with everyone. He didn’t seem in a rush or as though he wanted to leave (despite the cold!), but rather like he was in the moment and truly enjoyed spending time connecting with people. It was truly special to speak to him, especially since I got to have a few of my most burning questions answered! Here are some of the answers I got:

  1. Did he end up writing a song with Ryan Tedder? Yes, him and Ryan Tedder (from OneRepublic, one of the most successful songwriter/producers in the world) got into the studio and made a couple tracks. None of them made it onto Telluric though since Matt doesn’t like collaborating and sees working with others as “more of an exercise”.
  2. What instruments did he learn in order to have the ability to perform the whole album by himself? According to Matt, he is able to play every instrument we saw on stage!
  3. Why is his song called Monday? His new track Monday is called “Monday” because any line from the song he tried to put as the title just felt “cheesy”. So he just went with Monday.

Check if Matt Corby will be performing near you here 

Matt Corby’s debut album, Telluric, will be released on March 11. Listen to the latest single, Knife Edge:



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