Surprise! Awolnation Have a New Song

New Music

Even though Awolnation’s sophomore album Run certainly gave fans enough unique music to obsess over for a lifetime the band has decided to bless us with Wichita Panama, a B-Side that didn’t make the album. Wichita Panama is pretty typical Awolnation- which is to say, it’s not typical at all. With  prominent beats, trumpet, and instantly likable catch lines sung or melodically shouted in Aaron Bruno’s distinctive voice, Wichita Panama stays accessible but also unpredictable.

Wichita Panama is the first song released as a part of Redbull’s 20 before 16 exclusive where they will be sharing 20 new songs over 20 days to bring in the new year. You can listen to Wichita Panama on their website here!

Check out my review of Awolnation’s sophomore album Run here

Find out if Awolnation will be playing live near you here




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