How Robert DeLong Reinvents Live Music

Concert Review


It’s hard to find something truly unique and exciting in this world of live music, but from the moment you enter a Robert DeLong concert it’s obvious that what you’ve found is delightfully one of a kind. As soon as you see Robert DeLong’s gear set up you know you’re in for a great time. With everything from Wii remotes, game pads, and joy sticks,  to an assortment of percussion (including a full drum kit and a keyboard) it seems like too much to handle for a single person. However, for Robert DeLong there’s barely enough space on stage to contain his non-stop energy, bouncing around with the mesmerizing confidence of someone who has complete control of the situation.

P1290106But even before the main event, the excitement has already begun. When you get into the venue everyone in the crowd is offered free face paint from absolute face paint pros. Don’t expect what you’d find at a local carnival- as soon as I got my face done I was transformed into a warrior. This Robert DeLong tradition has been a part of his shows since the very beginning!

And then there was the hilariously amazing intro video to his performance that I’m not even going to get into- it’s the kind of next level that you have to experience for yourself. Let’s just say it involved a lot of Seal and Photoshop and that after watching it the night was already worth more than I paid for.

Although Robert DeLong is a one man electronic show, you can see where all parts of his songs are coming from. He builds sounds on top of each other using his various strange instruments looped together along with distorted vocals and different percussion that he is constantly attacking vigorously . It is so much more entertaining to actually see and (somewhat) understand what is going on sonically rather than just watching someone on stage with their laptop and a whole bunch of backing tracks. The way that Robert DeLong performs is remarkably refreshing and inventive and just downright impressive!

A great surprise was when Stefanie McCarrol of Brave Shores joined him for a beautiful duet of Born to Break and once again for a cover of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” as an encore. Many moments like this provided nice variety throughout the show. Since Robert DeLong grew up a drummer, it’s no surprise that one of my favorite moments was his drum solo, which blew my mind! It was also really wonderful when he brought a mic stand and guitar front and center stage for a stripped back version of Isabelle Street from his Long Way Down ep.


My signed Robert DeLong albums

To finish off an already unforgettable night Robert DeLong announced from stage that he would be out by the merch booth to meet fans. Not only did he come out right away, but he took tons of time for photos and wrote something different on everything he signed. It was incredibly thoughtful and special for him to take a moment to appreciate and interact with fans.

From beginning to end, Robert DeLong reinvented what I thought of live music with his innovation, energy, talent, and consideration. If he happens to pass by you on this tour, you will not want to miss seeing him live!

If you want an example of his live show watch this video (which after seeing is what put him on the top of my concert wish list!)

Check out his upcoming tour dates here

Listen to Robert DeLongs new album In The Cards on Spotify  here or buy it on iTunes here


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