Twenty One Pilots Debate Ends in Matching Tattoos

Music News

When Twenty One Pilots discovered the new poll feature on Twitter they  brought fans the ultimate debate: Tyler or Josh?

This difficult question was made even more impossible when the high stakes were revealed: the winner would get to tattoo their name on the loser while on stage.

To help with the decision the candidates were given 24 hours to campaign for votes. The debate covered a number of important topics such as redbull, improving the work-ability of Instagram and Twitter, when it’s okay to listen to Christmas music, ranch dressing, student loans, healthcare, and Twitter ads and verification.

As the race continued without a clear winner in sight, the campaign intensified, both candidates releasing hard hitting attack ads. 

Some high profile people got involved in this important vote. Josh won support from Haley Williams (Paramore) and canadian singer Lights, while Tyler was backed by Halsey.

As voting came to an close a clear decision was unable to be reached. With over 250k people participating, the TOP debate ended in a 50/50 tie.

The only fair solution to this was to have them both tattoo their names on each other. 

After a 24 hour campaign that could have ended in heartbreak, Tyler and Josh rose above the rivalry and left with not only tattoo’s of each other’s names but with a stronger friendship.


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