BØRNS: Dopamine is Lightning in a Bottle

New Music

From Candy to Dopamine, BØRNS continues to provide a sugar rush of music on his first full length album. If you’ve been following BØRNS, Dopamine contains six brand new songs (out of the 11 tracks), none of which fall short of the high expectations he’s already set with songs like the cleverly catchy “Electric Love” or heart stirringly gorgeous “The Emotion”, both of which feature on this brilliant debut.

If you are unfamiliar with his unique sound, think soaring vocals, electric guitar, synths, and catchyness with substance, all mixed together to make what I would describe as electro glam pop. What’s more, BØRNS vocals are so effortless that it’s easy to forget how insane his range is- until you decide to sing along (which you will definitely end up doing).

Inspired by everything from living in a tree house in LA to 1950’s playboy magazines he found in the studio, Dopamine covers a diverse range sonically while still keeping his sound close to what we’ve come to expect from the 23 year old Garrett Borns. If you like dancing, happiness, or Candy, there is a good chance that Dopamine is the album for you!

BØRNS is hitting the road to promote his new album, check out if he will be in a town near you here!

Read my article about BØRNS Candy EP here

Buy Dopamine on iTunes here or listen on Spotify here


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