Know Them First: CHILDCARE

New Music

Childcare is nothing like the baby soothing playlists that can sometimes be suggested when looking them up: Childcare sounds about ready to start a riot. Heavy guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and the refusal to be pinned into one genre create a universal kind of sound that is bound to hook a wide audience of listeners.

The most notable thing about Childcare is the incredible energy of their sound. While some energetic music can be overwhelming, Childcare is throwing a party and has invited everyone along for the ride. Their melodies are inclusive in the way that you want to be a part of what they’re making. This is the kind of band that was created around a sweaty riot of a live show and they have released five songs that allow you to take that vibe wherever you are.

The mastermind behind Childcare, Ian Dudfield is no stranger to the music business. Now under the persona of Ed Cares, you may recognize him as previous guitarist of British indie band To Kill a King.  The need to make something that was completely his own project caused him to create Childcare in February 2014. This was bound to happen at some point because Ed seems born to be a front man. If you watch their video of Kimberely performed live from a disused tunnel (which they broke into) you will see the energy he has isn’t meant to be anywhere but center stage. In fact, Ed Cares said during an interview for The Radical that “The whole point of me starting this project was to approach it from a live perspective”.

Their Flush EP is a strong debut that features three original tracks and a Blondie cover. There’s a lot of variety between these tracks but Ed Cares has also solidified his own Childcare sound. The third track, Kimberley, stands out because of the story it tells. The lyrics, which describe a man who murders someone for a woman he just met at the library, really draw the listener in to this absurd and somewhat tragic story.  This song also has a 100% success rate with people named Kimberley (in my experience at least).

Buy Flush on Itunes here or listen on Spotify here


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