BØRNS Candy EP: A Sweet Summer Soundtrack

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Garrett Borns (who performs under his surname BØRNS) has found the perfect title for his debut EP: Candy. If there was a sound equivalent to candy it would be what Borns music is like. His sugary melodies are addictive and sure to be stuck in your head, leaving  you craving another taste. All the songs on this four track are impossible not to sing along to – even if you can’t hit all of his soaring high notes! On this EP electric guitar meets synths and catchyness meets substance to create pop that has an exciting edge to it.

The dreamy 10,000 Emerald Pools (Which is named after a street in Las Vegas):

Candy contains what are basically four love songs, but there is something special about the lyrics. They are essentially pop lyrics – but they’re really good pop lyrics. Simple, catchy, and clever; I remember the first time hearing the chorus of the opening track, Electric Love and thinking it was just brilliant. “Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle/I can’t let you go now that I’ve got it/ and all I need is to be struck by your electric love” is such a simple and creative way to say the same thing we’ve all heard in 100 other pop songs.

There is no set date for the full length BØRNS album which he is working on but hopefully it will be filling our ears sooner than later. The tracks released so far have showcased his unique sound well but also leave space for him to surprise fans and grow creatively. I feel like this LP will be where Borns really shows what he stands for sonicly.

If you want to see what his music sounds like be sure to check out the video for Electric Love which is colourful, glittery, and has a throwback vibe. Or if you want to catch Borns on tour click here to see if he will be at a city near you!

Buy Candy on Itunes here or listen on Spotify here


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