Bleachers Update: A ‘Sort Of Documentary’ and New Music

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So far in Bleachers relatively short career they have found some memorably unique ways to connect with fans and promote their music. From a quirky mock telethon to the Bleachers hotline (which you can call at 888-920-1991), I always look forward to seeing what they will bring next. Turns out we won’t have to wait long: Bleachers have announced a six part Google Play docu-series called “Thank You and Sorry” that is set to be released on June 16th. Thank You and Sorry follows lead singer Jack Antonoff’s life on tour with Bleachers, and whatever other shenanigans go along with being Jack Antonoff!

As their audience has come to expect, this will not be your typical band documentary. Jack Antonoff wrote in a recent post that they “would script elements of real situations” which, from the trailer, looks like it will have hilarious results! Watch the trailer here: 

In other Bleachers news, the band recently released a four track Like a River Runs ep which features a re-made version of Like a River Runs “as [Jack Antonoff] hears it currently”, a simple piano cover of the song done by Sia, a live version from Buffalo, and 15 minutes of Jack talking in therapy. This last track, Dreams Aren’t Random, focuses on three of Jack’s reoccurring dreams and gives a lot of insight into the meaning behind Like a River Runs and a bit into his personal life.

The Sia version of Like a River Runs is hauntingly beautiful. Its simplicity helps highlight the sad lyrics, which describe a dream Jack Antonoff has where he is with his sister who passed away at thirteen after battling brain cancer.  This content is less noticeable when listening to the large anthem sounding original and remake, and it is heart wrenching to hear Sia sing these words with so much emotion.

As for the live version it is definitely a good example of how energetic and fun a Bleachers show can be. If you noticed that the drums sound big it’s because they actually have two drummers on stage. If you want to see for yourself check out Bleachers new tour dates with Charli XCX here and see if they are coming to a city near you!

Buy the Like a River Runs EP on Itunes here or listen on Spotify here 


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