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Blurryface (the title to Twenty One Pilots new album) isn’t just a name, it’s a concept. Representing singer Tyler Joseph’s anxiety and inner demons, Blurryface is someone in all of us: a shadowy alter ego that embodies the struggles within you. Blurryface features on the album as a deep voice that takes over Tyler Joseph. He is an ambitious character for an ambitious album that gives the ultimate middle finger to genre.

Ranging from rap to reggae to hip hop to alternative to happy sounding ukulele to classic Twenty One Pilots piano pop, a song can start off somewhere and end up where you’d never expect it. It’s this ability to create songs that sound completely different yet cohesive as a group that makes this band unique- and a must listen. As promised by Twenty One Pilots before Blurryface’s release, there is definitely something for everyone.

The lyrics are no exception to Twenty One Pilots creativity and thoughtfulness. Blurryface tackles many of the same issues heard in their other music: struggles with anxiety, insecurity, and dealing with a self destructive mind. Basically Tyler writes about everything that they have embodied as Blurryface the character. The lyrics also depict new challenges of making an anticipated second album and the battle between creative freedom and expectation. They even got the closest to a love song they’ll ever write (according to the band) with Tear in My Heart about Tyler’ wife. Allowing himself to be vulnerable and creating music that listeners can relate to has opened the doors to a widely dedicated fan base, the skeleton clique.

This ability to appeal to a wide audience is translating to album sales. According to Billboard  Blurryface should debut at number one on their top 200 chart and is expected to sell over 120,000 album units in the week ending May 24.

If you are planning on purchasing Blurryface, I would advise getting a physical copy because this album has one of the nicest packaging and booklets I’ve ever bought (TIP: Make sure it’s special edition album, which is the same price!). Also if you want tickets to their upcoming tour, you can check out dates here. It promises to be impressively energetic and passionate, so you might not want to miss out!

Check out Blurryface on Spotify or Itunes now.

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