Passion Pit: Kindred

New Music


Passion Pit’s new album, Kindred, couldn’t have come out at a better time. Infused with sunny synths and catchy melodies, this album sounds like the soundtrack to summer. Passion Pit’s inexhaustible train of joyful upbeat sun-soaked synth pop is a little too much to handle at first listen, so it takes a few times through for all the songs to really show off their uniqueness. At first, “Dancing on the Grave” and “Looks like Rain” stood out just because their softer tone was refreshing in contrast to the rest. That being said, I feel like Kindred is one of those albums where each song eventually becomes my favorite until I come to finally fully appreciate this entire work of art. The fact that Passion Pit’s mastermind Michael Angelakos’ lyrics often contrast the initial feeling of his music gives his songs different layers that I look forward to digging through! Check it out on Spotify or Itunes now!


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