New Nate Ruess: and more to come!

New Music


Nate Ruess, most commonly known as being 1/3 of the Grammy winning band Fun., has finally shown his face (and wonderfully unique voice!), with a new solo track- Nothing Without Love. Simple yet victorious, this song finds a way to say something that has become cliché and still make it seem new and real. There is no big chorus but instead a catch line: “I am nothing without love”, which concludes each verse. The entire track is so melodic and catchy that this lack of chorus doesn’t change the fact that Nothing Without Love will stick in your head for days!  This is the first track from his debut solo album “Grand Romantic” that is set to be released on June 16th.

Nate Ruess is feeling pretty good about his new music too, saying “[Nothing Without Love] is probably my favorite song I’ve ever written. The one I’ve listened to the most on repeat. And I can’t pinpoint what it is about it that makes its so special to me. Which makes me love it even more.”

As excited as I am (and I am very excited) about solo music from fun.’s frontman, I’m a little devastated that we won’t be hearing any music from Fun. any time soon. Though in a letter to fans the band assured everyone that they were not in fact breaking up, they also made it very clear that all three of them are busy working on other musical projects. Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff has been quite successful with his new project Bleachers and Andrew Dost is off scoring films and has his own solo project in the works, which means all three of them are extremely busy.

In their letter they stated that “one thing that has always been so special about fun is that we exist as 3 individuals in music who come together to do something collaborative. We make fun records when we are super inspired to do so.” I’m sure whatever these talented musicians do will be interesting but hope they will be inspired to make a 3rd Fun. album sometime sooner or later. Even though I love Bleachers and can’t wait to hear more from “Grand Romantic”, I imagine this feels somewhat like having you’re parents split up. You get two (in this case three) birthday cakes, but it’s still not the same.

Let’s just hope that the rest of Grand Romantic can live up to this first sweet taste we’ve received and make it all worth it. Even before its release Nate Ruess is already doing good for himself, already having preformed acoustically in Paris and with some festival dates lined up for the summer!


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