Tear In My Heart- Twenty One Pilots

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As promised, last night Twenty One Pilots released a second track from their sophomore album set to be released May 19th. It sounds nothing like the first release, Fairly Local, and reminds me more of what we’re used to from their debut album, Vessel.The tempo change, which is something I absolutely love hearing in their songs, is especially reminiscent of Ode To Sleep but still pushes the boundaries of what we’re used to hearing from Twenty One Pilots.  For everyone that was worried, of coarse the piano is back! What is still yet to be heard is the amount of lyrics and rapping that listeners are used to, but considering that this new album seems to give no consideration to genre, I’m sure we will be hearing this sooner or later.

Twenty One Pilots TIMH 2

The music video is interesting and seems to have a lot of common themes with the first video for Fairly Local. Although Tyler and Josh have made their way into the sunshine for this brighter sounding song, the black paint on Tyler’s hands seem to have advanced up to his neck. We see Tyler looking at strangers who become distorted and blurry (like their album name, BlurryFace). Right when his world seems to be falling apart he spots a blonde lady who’s features don’t alter. This woman is played by Tyler Joseph’s wife, Jenna Joseph; they got married just last week! In the video she tells him that “sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul” then proceeds to make sure that he is bleeding (which hurt a bit to watch but was also pretty bad-ass). This is all for the best because then he is able to see people as they are and even ends up with his girl.

I have really enjoyed both songs that I have heard so far and Tyler Joseph’s insistence that no two songs will be alike has me anticipating the release of more new material! They have definitely followed through with this promise so far.

Twenty one pilots TIMH


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