Twenty One Pilots: Fairly Local


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It’s been a while since we heard from them, but Twenty One Pilots are out again with their new single “Fairly Local”, which is more than fairly good. It’s amazing and I have been listening to it constantly since it was released on the 13th of March. Twenty One Pilots have found the perfect balance between evolving their unique sound while still staying true to their past.

Sonically their darkest song to date, the first thing you’ll notice when listening to Fairly Local is the bass. The low end has definitely been turned up, and I really enjoy the dramatic feel this gives off. Other than that my favorite part is when the strings come in like waves during the chorus that feel as though they are lifting your soul. There’s a lot going on in this song, even though it may not seem so at first. Plenty of sounds, like the piano in the pre-chorus or different synths, coming in and out make it interesting for the listener but not so complicated as to lose the main focus. The scarcity of lyrics on this track make the chorus repeat quite a bit, which could be boring, but because it gets more dramatic every time it feels new each time you hear it. Fairly Local really is a treat on a pair of good headphones, and the more times you listen to it the more little details you notice .

Lyrically, there is way less content than we’re used to, with only two short verses. The original reason that singer Tyler Joseph began to “rap” was because he had so much to say and needed a way to fit it all in a short song. In Fairly Local, I feel like he found a way to say everything he wanted to with fewer lyrics. In these lines, it seems like Tyler is telling fans that he has experienced feelings of self doubt and knows the hardships that his listeners go through. As he says it, he’s seen the streets we’re walking down.  He also directly references the Twenty One Pilots fan base, the “Skeleton Clique” in the song (“Even if my Clique were to pick and the people were to vote/it’s the few, the proud and the emotional).

It’s also about staying true to the Twenty One Pilots vision and being true to themselves. Even though “this song will never be on the radio” (which might not be true considering how catchy this tune is!) it is the song that they wanted to write. I think it was a good decision to make this the first song released from their next album because it lets everyone know that they aren’t about to conform and listen to what others may be pushing them to do.

The good thing is we shouldn’t have to wait long to hear more material from their new album titled “Blurryface”. They will be putting out two more songs along with videos before its release on May 19th. And if you happened to not like Fairly Local (for some reason) this tweet by Tyler Joseph just may give you hope! It also makes me really excited:

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With a new album also comes a new Twenty One Pilots look. If you watch the music video for Fairly Local, you’ll notice that 1.Josh Dun’s drums can fly and 2. Red is in! There is red everywhere in the video, from Josh’s red hair and makeup you Tyler’s haunting red eyes. They have also changed their logo slightly, making it only red and white and changing it to the text version of the symbol fans have been making online: |-/.

And of course, the most important new thing that comes with a new album is NEW TOUR DATES!!! Click here to see if they’ll be in a city near you. I’ve already got my tickets and am beyond excited to finally see their show which promises to be impressively energetic considering there are only two people on stage. They seem to really connect with the crowd which is cool. If Twenty One Pilots continues to put out more songs as good as Fairly Local, it seems we will soon be out fist pumping to some of their best material yet!


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