Know Them First: Jack Garratt


The worst part of being in love with Jack Garratt’s music is that as of now he has only put out about 6 tracks. The best part of being in love with Jack Garratt’s music is that he is a crazy talented musical genius and you’ve never heard anything like what he’s doing… modern electronic with emphasis on his beats and featuring piano, but it is honestly so much more. His vocal range and expression: subtle, sweet, sublime… sensational!

All his songs are expertly crafted but his latest one, “Chemical”, has me absolutely hooked. This song is a perfectly paced roller coaster of energy and emotion. I have listened to it every day since the first time I heard it, and if I don’t continue to do this until he releases his next EP, it’s only going to be because technology has failed humanity and the world has ended! It captures the listener first with hands clapping, humming, and vocals, but then you get punched in the face with his energetic electric sound and a whomping beat that makes you want to dance like a crazy person (or a normal person if you’re better at dancing than me, which is likely).  To prove this watch the music video which features some pretty cool moves:

Even his lyrics are poetic. One of my favourite lines ever is from his hit Worry: “As if this moon of ours only shines a half to make me feel whole/As if I haven’t felt your breath in every step I take when the wind blows”. He definitely doesn’t have empty lyrics just to fill with his voice, which I think makes the difference between a good song and a great song, or in this case an amazing song.

On stage Jack Garratt is at his most impressive. Considering the amount of stuff going on during all his songs you’d expect a full band to support him, but he replicates all the songs by himself. He is always busy using a keyboard, drum machine, some pedals, a couple guitars, and his voice, often multitasking. He’s also not afraid to rock a good guitar solo or show off his piano skills. Whatever he does it’s entertaining and sounds amazing. I have not had the pleasure of catching him live (other than on YouTube) but you can check out his new tour dates here . At first I was super excited because I saw he was coming to Toronto, which is my closest city, but it’s a nineteen plus show (I’m devastated). Not unrelated, does anybody know where I can get a fake I.D?!

At least we don’t have to wait long for new music! His new EP titled Synesthesiac is set to drop April 13. Synesthesiac is a word that Jack Garratt made up himself and means, “A person with an unusual enthusiasm for Synesthetes”. As long as he keeps doing his thing I’m sure that we’re all going to have an unusual enthusiasm for Synesthesiac!


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