AWOLNATION takes over the Nation with RUN

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It’s been a while, but AWOLNATION’s follow up to their 2011 success, Megalithic Symphony, might in fact be bigger and better than the Awolnation debut. Impressively written, produced, and performed solely by Awolnation’s mastermind Aaron Bruno, Run is a 14 track masterpiece that gets better every time you listen to it. It’s solid all the way through – without being repetitive or scattered the listener is not about to get bored.

Bruno has described this album as “darker and more introspective”, which does come across throughout the album. He seems to be either shouting in your face with tracks like KOOKSEVERYWHERE!!! (which wins best song title ever in my mind) and Dreamers (a track that I found especially refreshing)  or pulling on your heartstrings with softer tracks including  Fat Face, Holy Roller, Drinking Lightning, or what may be my favorite, Headrest for my Soul. This song was written on the guitar Bruno’s father first taught him on and is beautifully simple.

One other song I just have to note is “Like People, Like Plastic”. Out of all the songs this one has been the track I’ve listened to the most. When it starts off you don’t think it can get any better, but during the last minute it switches up into a dark intense breakdown that catches you by surprise!

Bruno wraps up the album perfectly by tying the listener right back to where they started on the title track, Run, with a phone message that plays from Bruno’s friend. At the end of the last song, Drinking Lightning, another similar message plays. This gave Run great continuity and made the album feel like an experience that you could (and should) listen to from start to finish. All the songs have so much depth and emotion and the care that was evidently put into each moment on the album makes it definitely worth the long wait.

This kind of music speaks for itself. Listen to “Run” for your own sake and be prepared to have your mind blown. Awolnation is also taking Run on tour and this will be an experience you won’t want to miss. If there is anything I can tell about these songs it’s that they are going to be intense live! Get your tickets here:

Buy Run on Itunes here or listen on Spotify here


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