Music Events & Award Shows

Well, me (Zoe) and my twin sister Kahala are huge music fans who have decided to share our opinions on new music with the world through this blog! And what better time to start a music blog than right after the biggest night in music, the Grammys?

Taylor Swift kicking off the Grammys  Right away I knew it was going to be a good night when Taylor Swift opened up with a fun Alice and Wonderland themed rendition of “I knew you were Trouble” which also featured her speaking in a British accent, which for some reason has turned up some gossip about how she was mocking Harry Styles, who she had recently broken up with. AfterFun. at the Grammys

Ed Sheeran with Elton John,  and then Miguel, was the highlight of the night in my mind: Fun.. Though it seemed like it would be hard to follow-up fire-juggling acrobats, I absolutely adore them and was sure they would be up to it! And they sure impressed the crowd, controlling the weather during their performance of their new single “Carry on”, where it literally rained on them! Fun. also picked up 2 grammys for Song of the year and Best new artist.

Next was Miranda Lambert and Dierk Bently followed by the much-anticipated Justin Timberlake. Though JT has a good voice and it was a good performance, I clearly remember Bruno Mars doing the exact same Black and White light effect for his song “Grenade” a couple of years ago and would have prefered to see something more original from him. See Bruno Mars’s performance here:

 and Justin Timberlakes:

I really loved all the performances and thought it was a big improvement from last years show where Nicki Minaj’s performance of “Roman Holiday” was what I would call a disaster.

Grammys     But aside from all the post-show talk about the “best and worst” dressed and all the gossip that always seems to go around, I find it is always amazing to see so many talented artists coming together to acknowledge each other. There are so many talented musicians out there and you can definitely tell from watching the amazing performances this year that some people do deserve to be where they are.


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